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  • Lewman Arms
    Lewman Arms
    AK Build Services - Lakeland (Florida) -

    AK parts kit builds, repairs, and servicing.

  • Meridian Ordnance LLC
    Meridian Ordnance LLC
    AK Build Services - Mount Sterling (Kentucky) -

    From historically accurate representations to more modernized full-custom fighting rifles and carbines, we build it. Most customers choose to provide a specific AK parts kit which we then rebuild on a new US made semi-automatic, premium receiver. You...

  • Advanced Weapon Systems (AWS)
    Advanced Weapon Systems (AWS)
    AK Build Services - Muskegon Heights (Michigan) -

    AWS provides both high quality custom built AK firearms and competitively priced and innovative products for nationwide distribution. We are skilled with rifles, pistols, and shotguns of the AK family, which extends to galils, tantals, VZ58, etc... a...

  • "Building what soldiers could not bring home"
    "Building what soldiers could not bring home"
    AK Build Services - Oklahoma City (Oklahoma) -

    We pride ourselves on building ak parts kits as accurately as when they left the factory or in the condition they were in when they were cut up. If you're looking to preserve the original finish of your kit or you want a factory fresh finish we've go...

  • AK Builder
    AK Builder
    AK Parts Kits Suppliers - (Missouri) -

    These guys have been around forever. Great place to purchase AK kits and parts.

  • APEX Gun Parts
    APEX Gun Parts
    AK Parts Kits Suppliers - (Colorado) -

    Armory Parts Exchange, Inc. has been in business for 10 years. We got our start selling unique and highly collectible items on popular online auction sites, earning thousands of positive feedback comments from our customers. Demand for our items grew...

  • Arms of America
    Arms of America
    AK Parts Kits Suppliers - (Colorado) -

    Arms of America, LLC. is a 100% Veteran owned and operated business based out of Colorado. Both founding members are huge supporters of the 2nd Amendment. We have been operating since 2005 and continue to maintain an A rating with the Better Business...

  • Atlantic Firearms
    Atlantic Firearms
    AK Parts Kits Suppliers - (Maryland) -

    We at Atlantic Firearms, LLC are committed to supplying you with quality products at reasonable prices. Low overhead as well as minimal operating expenses enable us to offer the lowest possible prices for our goods and services. We are a federally li...

  • Centerfire Systems
    Centerfire Systems
    AK Parts Kits Suppliers - Versailles (Kentucky) -

    Centerfire Systems Inc. has been in business since 1992. We are located in the heart of the Bluegrass in Woodford County, Ky. Surrounded by rolling hills and world class thoroughbreds, we are mere minutes from Keeneland Race Track, where some of our ...

  • Circle 10 AK
    Circle 10 AK
    AK Parts Kits Suppliers - (Illinois) -

    Military-Style Firearms & Accessories Specializing in the Avtomat Kashnikova

  • Classic Firearms
    Classic Firearms
    AK Parts Kits Suppliers - (North Carolina) -

    Classic Firearms was founded as Classic Arms in Indian Trail, NC in 1989. The business is christian owned and makes every effort to live by The Golden Rule. Since inception, Classic Arms has been determined and focused to bring its customers the best...

    AK Build Services - Port Charlotte (Florida) -

    FCGM is a type 07/02 SOT. We build both foreign and domestic weapon systems. We build AKs with an emphasis on performance, using the highest quality parts to increase the effectiveness of the system. Attention to detail and an unmatched understanding...