About CG AK Resources

Childers Guns AK Resources

The 2 biggest questions we get are - where do I get parts kits, and who will build an AK for me.

We want to create a site that we can maintain a list of AK parts kits vendors, and allow builders to maintain a listing.

We believe a kit vendor would not get upset if we keep a list of parts kits suppliers, but we would like for builders to maintain their own data, or at least tell us to list it.

  1. Send us a message and we will give you a link to register your account
  2. Register your account, and follow instructions for the email confirmation
  3. Visit akresources.childersguns.com and click on “Publish your ad” button
    1. Category – AK Build Services
    2. Title – Your Company Name
    3. Description – Short description of your company and services
    4. Click or Drop for images – Upload up to 4 images
    5. Region – Enter Sate (Required)
    6. City – Optional
    7. Address – Street address optional
    8. Website – Link to your website
    9. Click Publish
  4. To prevent spam, we will have to activate your ad

If you want a listing but you don’t want to maintain it you can send us a message and we will add it for you. We will need the above information you want listed. We can then send you a password that will allow you to maintain the listing.